Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I went to see that movie during the obon holiday. I wanted to see it very much since I am a Disney fan at heart but I was a little worried just because I am not a fan of Angelina Jolie... I mean all her movies are about pouting, trying to be sexy and smouldering the camera... Sorry but if that`s all you can do as an actress!!! But but BUT! I thought she was AMAZING as Maleficent! She really did a great job. She was a stunning witch and I totally bought her as Maleficent. The story was really good too. It was nice to see what elements changed and were kept from the anime version. The pictures were beautiful too.
I was not so excited about the adult version of Aurora though. I thought Angelina Jolie stole the show and Elle Fanning just could not keep up. Her acting really wasn`t that memorable to me... which reminds me that the scene where Jolie`s daughter plays Aurora is just TOO adorable! One of my favorites in the movie!
So I really recommend you Maleficent if you haven`t watched it yet!


  1. To be honest, I don't know the whole story of Sleeping Beauty and haven't seen the film yet. But its trailer was really good. I watched it on youtube. I think Disney's live-action films such as Pirates of Caribian are quite nice. This film, Maleficent, also looks fantastic as the past ones.

  2. You don`t need to see the anime to see the movie honestly. It is nice to compare and see what is different and what elements are similar. But the movie is very different even though some parts are exactly the same!!! ^^ You are right, I remember I enjoyed the first Pirates of the... but I don`t have such good memories concerning number two and three... completely forgot them actually! Need to watch them one more time I guess!!!