Friday, June 13, 2014

Word cup... meh...

All I hear recently is world cup this, word cup that. I don't really care. I don't really care for soccer in general. I used to play as a kid. And  if Australia or Japan plays an important game at a convenient time I'll go to the pub with a few mate for a drink and some laddish cheering. But I'm not going to be getting up at 4am to watch people kick ball. Hell I think I would like the game more if the focus was kicking the ball and scoring goals, but it seems nowadays that the aim of the game is falling over and pretending you are hurt. These men are supposed to be athletes at the pinnacle of psychical fitness, but the slightest contact and the cry like babies. From what I've seen I could single-handedly beat up the entire Italian soccer team. It is ridiculous and makes the game less fun.Try watching a game of Australian rules football, where standing on other players is completely legal.

But I guess I'm just not a big fan of sports in general. I like to play the odd game with my mates, but sitting down to watch them.... meh... no thanks, unless it is women's beach volleyball. I think in general sports are a waste of time. But they are a great way of keeping people entertained/distracted from the more important things. Imagine if we took all the time and money we spent pointlessly kicking balls around and did something important with it, like oh I don't know science? We would be so far ahead by now.Just ask the people of Brazil if they would have preferred the money to be spent on hospitals or schools instead of the extravagant spectacle we call the world cup. 

Another thing that bothers me is how sports people are deified. 
"Who is your hero Jimmy? "
(or something like that, aren't they all called Ronaldo ..?)
"Oh really why?"
"Because he is a great soccer player."
"Well whoopdy-do, good for him. And how has that made the world a better place or advanced the human race....? It hasn't Jimmy all it has done is bought lots of cars and drugs for a man who is a border line idiot savant that spends all his time kicking a ball from one end of a field to another, or playing with his hair. Now go away Jimmy and think about the question more and come back to me when your have a hero who is someone that actually deserves your respect."

I mean why do we clap them at the end of a game? They are doing their job just like anyone else, and getting paid millions of dollars to boot. We should be standing outside the intensive care ward at the hospital clapping and cheering the doctor who just spent 24hours in surgery saving someones life. But no... we look up to people, who if they disappeared tomorrow, the world wouldn't even miss. Go and clap your garbage man, cheer for your sewer worker. Ronaldrinariosio has enough cash to make him happy he really doesn't need your love and adulation as well.

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