Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kurama mountain

 First we took the train (eizan line) from demachiyanagi, it took about half an hour to get to kurama station, and the journey was very pleasant through the forest.

 The first thing you will notice when you get off the train is the giant tengu head. Kurama is famous for being the place where the samurai Yoshitsune was taught how to sword fight by the mythical tengu.

 We were hungry so we stopped for a light lunch before climing the mountain. There are man lovely restaurants along the river.

 Then it was up the mountain!

 And up!

 Don't forget to purify your body.

 There are some beautiful enormous trees. They must be very old.

 Lots of little temples and gates all over the mountain.

 At the top you get special tiger power from the magic of the location (so the booklet told us) You will need it for the walk down. It takes about and hour and a half at a comfortable pace. My legs are still laughing a few days later.


  1. I need to get special tiger power so I want to go there too!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think Tengu looks AMAZING on the picture.

  2. That's nice, Phil. You must've had fun! I've never been there actually, but those photos made me feel like going.