Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The weekend...

We first up, we had the awesome R.L.E adult's 
Christmas party on Saturday night. I won an 
awesome rubber chicken! This was followed by 
some Kareoke, which I had to leave early but I 
hear it went rather late and was lots of fun. 
(More on that to come soon)

Sunday I went Christmas shopping for gifts for my 
family as I will be visiting home for Christmas 
this year. We got lots of stuff, but the one I'm 
looking forward to stealing from my nephew is the 
BATTLEROBORGS they look awesome.
 (And were my girlfriends idea) 

On Monday we went to see the last of the Autumn 
leaves around Kyoto, and in the evening stayed in 
with a DVD. We watched "Cronicle" and it was quite 
good. The story is about three high school boys who 
have strange powers, and how power can be dangerous. 
I would recommend it if you like action movies, 
superheroes or even just dramas.