Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stupid hat day


Yesterday I went to Osaka History museum to 
see an exhibition on kabuto and katana. 
I love everything samurai so I didn't want to miss this. 
They had original full sets of armor from some very well know
 samurai, such as Date Masamune, 
Ii Naomasa and Honda Tadakatsu. 

There were also some very unusual helmets in some crazys 
styles, one looked like the face of an old man, 
complete with grey hair and a long white beard. 

At 1000円 for such a small display it felt a little expensive, 
but I still really enjoyed it. 
If you want to have a look you had better hurry up 
as it only lasts until next Sunday.

Click the first picture for a link to the museum website.

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