Tuesday, July 9, 2013


It's hot! Here are some expressions that use "hot".

"Strike while the iron is hot."
To take advantage of an opportunity before it passes. 
The boss is in a good mood today, 
you should ask him for a raise.
Go on, strike while the iron is hot

"red hot"
Extremely hot
Don't touch that fry pan it's red hot!

"to sell like hot cakes"
To sell very quickly
These new One Direction dart 
boards are selling like hot cakes!
"in hot water"
in trouble
I scratched Dad's new car, 
I'm in real hot water now.
"Full of hot air"
to speak nonsense, lies
Don't listen to him, he is full of hot air.

"Smoking hot"
very attractive
Wow! Look at her! She is smoking hot!
"To have the hots for someone"
To be attracted to someone.
I think she's got the hots for you dude.
"Hot off the press"
Very new, freshly made.
Have a cupcake, they are hot off the press.

"Hot under the collar"
Upset, stressed, angry
Now now, calm down. 
Don't get all hot under the collar.

"Hot on the heels of someone"
To be followed closely
Drive faster man, 
the cops are hot on our heels!

"In the hot seat"
To be under pressure, the focus of criticism.
That was a tough interview, 
they really put him in the hot seat.

"to have more ______ than I've had hot dinners."
To have had a lot of something.
He's very popular with the ladies.
He's had more girlfriends than I've had hot dinners.

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