Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Recently technology and dieting have teamed up, and many companies have been introducing fitness-tracking technology.  If you thought fitness was boring, you may want to try some of these fitness apps and gadgets. 

The first gadget and app combination is the Fitbit.  It tracks the number of steps you take in 7 days and then let's you compare that with your friends.  A good way to see who can keep the number one stop on the leaderboard while taunting and cheering each other. 

  This app is called Runkeeper.  It lets you find running friends based on your location and it also lets you know who is on the same fitness level as you.  A good way to find that perfect running buddy who is not too fast nor too slow.

This app is called Endomondo.  This app is like a Facebook fitness app.  It lets you connect with many users and offers many challenges for a variety of sports.  It has a leaderboard so you can see where you stand among the people who participated in that activity. 

The next gadget and app combination is the Strava.  It connects with any GPS enabled device such as the iPhone, Android phones, and Garmin trackers.  You can compare your results on a certain track or road with other athletes who did the same spot.  Again, you can compare with your friends and see who's at the top.

The next app is called iSmoothRun.  It connects with other gadgets like the Strava, and creates really nice graphs and statistics charts that you can post on Facebook and Twitter. 

The next gadget and app combination is the Nike+ Fuel Band.  It is another device that can be worn on your wrist and syncs with your mobile device, which then monitors your fitness progress.  Again, you can compare progress with your friends on a leaderboard.

 This last app I will introduce is my personal favorite, called Zombies, Run!  It is an app that takes a normal running workout and turns it into a zombie apocalypse situation.  You have to do missions while following a story.  If only, they added videos of zombies chasing you, this app would have been awesome. 

Now there you have it.  Apps and gadgets that will hopefully give you more motivation to exercise.  Everyone says exercise is boring, but hopefully now you will have a little more incentive to get up off that couch and get moving!


  1. The Fitbit looks useful to manage our health. I really want to buy it.

  2. Fitbit looks really simple and useful, but if you're gonna get that, I might recommend the Nike Fuel Band. It looks cooler and it does almost the same thing.