Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Phil's Mysteries of the Universe

The old man pocket vest
At some point everybody stops caring about fashion. 
Once you get old enough the only things that 
matter are comfort and convenience. 
One of my favorite examples is the old man pocket vest (OMPV). 
Now while this is not a phenomenon exclusive to Japan 
I have noticed it a lot more here than I did back home. 
So what's the mystery? 
Well why on earth would anyone need that many pockets? 
Is it just that after you have survived 80 years on this planet
you accumulate such a large number of keys, guitar
picks and lighters that you can't fit them in your trousers? 
To quote Gollum "What has it got in its pocketses?" 
And don't tell me they are going fishing, because I've lost count 
of the number of times I've spotted the OMPV and not
once have I seen them carrying a rod and reel or a tackle box.


  1. Nooo! It's not a pocket. It looks like a pocket a little bit, but actually it's frills and ribbons for a old man.

  2. Good point, Phil. It is called "the eighth wonder of the World". We might have to accept the OMPV someday...

  3. LOL! I love you guys. SO glad that you understand my strange humor :P