Friday, May 10, 2013


Summer is just around the corner and that means 
the movie studios will be releasing a bunch of stuff. 
Most of it will be terrible nonsense, 
but here are a few that at least look so bad they might be good.
Click the poster pic for links to the trailers.

From the same people who made "Shaun of the dead"  
their films are always hilarious. Comedy horror, beer. Sounds fun.
Can't go wrong with this one.

Looks like "Men in Black" but with ghosts instead of aliens. 
Jeff Bridges is cool, and the tall blond woman 
old Asian man joke sold me on this one. 
Looks stupid but might be good fun.

Just called "The Wolverine" in English, 
this looks like it is going to be absolutely terrible. 
The storyline is an important one for x-men fans like myself, 
and I can't wait to see wolverine make a big mess in Japan. 
But.... it just looks ridiculous, I had big hopes after 
how awesome the last x-men film "first class" 
was but I think I'm going to be disappointed by this one.

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