Saturday, May 19, 2012

Phone Calls In the Air

How many of you want to use your cell phone in the airplane?  I'm sure all of you will answer yes but say that it is against the law to use a cell phone in an airplane.  I actually had an experience where a passenger would not stop using their cell phone on an airplane.  The flight attendant had to tell them over 5 times to turn off their cell phone!  5 times!  Plus the passenger had the nerve to get angry at the flight attendant.  Come on!  You are an adult!  Well anyway, because of this passenger our flight was delayed.

But, this type of situation will be a thing of the past.  Now a few airlines are allowing passengers to use cell phones on the airplane.  YES!  You heard me correctly.  Cell phones will be usable on air planes!  Yay!   Check out this article.


  1. Personally I don`t mind not using my phone for ten hours! I mean, don`t you find it a bit sad to be thaaaat addicted to your phone? I like using my phone and texting but I dot care if I can`t use it on a plane. And I would be mad if everybody talked on the phone for hours in a plane! It is noisy noisy enough with the babies, don`t you think???

  2. haha true. its gonna be a battle of voices. people are going to be trying to talk over each others' voices and people who are trying to sleep won't be able to sleep. i would say make it like the trains in Japan where you can't talk but can text and use the internet.