Friday, November 14, 2014

French strereotypes

Here are some hilarious stereotypes regarding the French!!!
1. French people stink
Honestly, I don`t think the French smell more than anyone else. Of course, when you get on the subway after work at 6pm and everyone goes home, people get a bit stinky after a day work....don`t they!?
2. French women don`t shave
That one always makes me laugh! I think lots of women wax and to do so you need to wait for the hair to grow a bit but we definitely get rid of them! May also be due to the fact that lots of old paintings represent naked voluptious women who back then didn`t shave!
3. French people are lazy
Got to say I LOVE my holidays!!!
4. French people are rude
I think some are really rude but that is just like anywhere in the world, especially if you live in a big city. People are more nervous, stressed, impatient... None of my students ever complained about rude French people on their holiday there!
5. French people never speak English
People in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark,... speak much better English! The French like French but some of them are also a bit stressed when tourists ask them for information in English.


  1. Hahaha.
    Some french people are teacher

    I'm kidding.
    I love french people!!


  2. Strange is good Aiko! I take it as a compliment!! ^^

    We love Japanese people too! Seriously, France and its young people are so in love with Japan! Japanese restaurants are super popular, mangas conventions are organized the whole year,`s crazy!

  3. The book "Lessons from Madame Chic" has been sold very well among the young women in Japan. I thought French people have high fashion consciousness so they have many wordrobes, but it says that French people don't care of wearing same clothing in a week. You think it's true? If I, no, I can't wear the same clothes as the day before yesterday and go to work.