Thursday, April 25, 2013

How honest a traveler are you?

And how honest did you answer the question?  There was a recent poll asking travelers around the world if they had ever stolen anything from a hotel.  Now, some people might say that they have taken shampoo, soap, and plastic combs, but these would not really count as "stealing" since they are for you to use.  According to some hotels, the most common things stolen are magazines, books, towels, linens, and the occasional lamps, clocks, and artwork.  Now I don't know how some people would steal artwork unless you have one humungous suitcase.  So which country came out on top as the most honest...........

and that country is

DENMARK at 88%

Now what about Japan?  I think Japanese people are one of the most honest people in the world and how did they not get #1?  Japan came in 15th place at 73%!  Very hard to believe, but I can only guess that they are too honest and answered that they had stolen something even if it was a piece of paper from a notepad.   Americans came in 23rd at 66%.  Australians, 19th at 72%.   French, 22nd at 71%.

So, do you have any stories?  I personally, haven't really stolen anything from a hotel.  Just your normal shampoo, soap, comb, shaving cream, and a few towels.  I promise.  ;)  

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