Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Obon in Australia ~Final~

I spent my last day in Sydney in China Town. I enjoyed some deliiiicious dumplings (they definitely are in my top favorites!) in a huge yam cha restaurant. Then we just walked around and had a lovely time on a such a beautiful sunny day! I will be back there for New Year and honestly, I can`t wait!!

 That is one thing that I really! When I lived in Reunion and in France I used to go shopping at the market and I loved it! You have so much choice, so many colors!
 Welcome to China Town!!!

Yummy Yummy Time...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Obon in Australia ~Part 3~

I arrived in Sydney on Monday, 12th and I stayed there until Wednesday early morning. I say early because I literally had to wake up at 4 am to get on a plane with my sister to Cairns. My adorable sister made me a surprise and took me there. Cairns is three hours from Sydney by plane (which was great since it allowed me to sleep and drool all I wanted/needed!). Cairns is much warmer than Sydney and I have to say I was shocked by how similar it looked to Reunion!! Same scenery, same flowers, same beautiful beaches,... Kind of felt like home! We went suntanning, snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, was just surreal! Here are a few pictures of Beautiful Cairns!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Obon in Australia ~Part 2~

My sister works part time at Wild Life, the zoo attached to Madame Tussaud and the aquarium in Sydney. So, of course she took me there and I had a VIP tour of the place (and even took a picture with the sleeping koalas). I saw all these animals that only live in Australia and it was so much fun! Well, of course, seeing all the snakes was NOT all that fun and freaked me out a tiny bit but..!
 a tasmanian devil (I thought it looks like a cub actually, it`s really cute!)
 a very sleepy kangaroo
 have some competition with the colorful emu!
 lunch time
 cute cuuuute kookaburra (didn`t sing for me though T-T)
 The best 3 kangaroos out there
 Thank God the real one was not that big and a 1 metre thick glass seperated us!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Obon in Australia ~the begining~

I spent my obon holidays in Australia with my sister and I had the most fantastic time! I will post some pictures of my trip there the whole week so I hope you enjoy what you see (I sure did!!)
 Arriving in Sydney...awesome weather (though it`s winter now)!!!
 Sydney Harbor with my sweet little sister
 The Opera House, of course!

Pacific Rim

I was busy studying over the obon break, 
but I did take time to pop out to the cinema. 
I saw the new kaiju/gundam action extravaganza
"Pacific Rim"
It was entertaining but not as great as I was hoping, 
as lots of my friends said it was awesome. 
So yeah, the monsters were cool and the fights were fun, 
but here is why I thought it wasn't a stand out film for me. 

Towards the end all the kaiju started to look exactly the same. 
(At first they were all cool and different, and I was excited to
see how freaky they would get, but after the 3rd "hammer head"
one they all looked the same, even the level '4' at the end. Booooo

The jagers (gundam) were not very interestingly designed. 
(Why would you give a giant robot fingers, so it can punch the
kaiju, and not.... i dunno giant razorblades or something?

The Australian characters were not played by Australians.
(As an Aussie it drove me crazy listening to an
Englishman and an American stumble along sounding
like drunk Steve Irwins with speech impediments)

The World's Cutest Animals??!!

Here are the top 5 cutest animals in the world according a survey done by CNN Travel.  There is a study that says that cute images stimulates the same pleasure centers of the brain aroused by a good meal, sex, or psychoactive drugs like cocaine.

So are you feeling a little down?  Well, here are some cute images to help get your brain aroused!

5.  Sea Otter

4.  Harp Seal

3.  Giant Panda

2.  Philippine Tarsier

And now get ready for a big tingle in your pleasure center!

1.  Fennec Fox

Did you feel that tingle?  Well, maybe not all of you might agree with the Fennec Fox being the #1 cutest animal.  So what do you think is the cutest animal???

Who Vs Whom

Click the pic below for an amusing article 
about understanding when to use "whom".

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yodogawa Fireworks

Before going to Australia I went to see my first (and I guess last?!) fireworks of this summer! I was extremely happy I could finally go see some! (seriously, what`s with all the fireworks being on weekdays?!) It was beautiful and I had a really good time! Did any of you go there too?

Saturday, August 10, 2013


The blog will be taking a rest for about a week.  We hope everyone has a great Obon vacation, and for those of you who have work, we hope you have time to relax too!  

See you all in two weeks! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013


 Two beautiful ladies.

 We were very priveliged to celebrated Masashi & Chie's 1st wedding anniversary! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Watermelon eating contest


We did a little kareoke after, and Yoshi got his RAP on

We had lots of fun

With lots of great people

Please join us next time